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Job Offer: Personal Tutor:

Job description:

Job location: London
income: Up to £35,000
Hours: Full Time
Contract Type: Fixed-Term/Contract

Published in: 25th November 2021
Closing date: 7th December 2021
Reference: 001968



Job location:London (Holborn)
Contract:Fixed Term 12 months (Full-Time)
Shape a compensateing practice for learners to reach their potential
From supporting and encouraging learners to developing and delivering high quality support materials, this is a unique opportunity to provide an outstanding learner practice to our students. You will sure that learners/learners/students in the school receive additional support where it is needed to enable them to complete their programmes and fulfil their potential. Personal Tutors will undertake a variety of tasks including, but not restricted to, personal tuition, project supervision, managing online cohorts.
What you'll be doing
   » Providing academic and pastoral support to learners/students in conformity with the University Personal Tutoring policy
   » Reviewing engagement trackers to identify learners/students at risk
   » Maintaining regular contact with students who fall below the required level of engagement
   » Assisting individual learners/learners/students with both formative and summative assessments as part of their undergraduate or graduate studies
   » Providing support to learners/students following assessment results release around progression, completion, and withdrawal
   » Actively encouraging learners/students' engagement with their programmes using resources available
   » Providing learners/students with one-to-one sessions on a variety of academic areas such as referencing and research expertise
   » Liaising with Programme Support agents and the Assessment Team, identifying learners/learners/students at risk of failing
   » Formulating personalised study plans for learners/learners/students identified as ?at risk'
   » Becoming familiar with an overview of module contents at the school, as well as the significant assessments and marking criteria, to better focus support sessions
   » Developing and delivering high quality and consistent support materials including detailed study plans bespoke for individual learners/learners/students or groups of learners/learners/students.
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What we're looking for
   » A Level 7 (Post-Graduate) or significant Professional Qualification.
   » If candidate does not have either of the desirable criteria, then a commitment to achieving either of these through BPP's PGCLT (Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching) or Headway, BPP's accredited CPD scheme.
   » practice of coaching, supervising and mentoring learners/learners/students in an academic context
   » Practitioner practice in your field
   » practice of negotiation with and managing different stakeholders
   » Excellent written and verbal communication expertise
   » Excellent presentation expertise
   » The capability to effectively plan, organise and prioritise workload
   » The capability to work well in a team and be collaborative
   » Excellent computer/IT expertise
   » Self-motivated
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Salary: Unspecified
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Experience (year): Unspecified
Job Location: London, London England
Address: London
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Post Date: 11/25/2021 / Viewed 1 times
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